What can I use the service RemoteXY?

To design and implement remote control your device with Android smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth. Your device must be equipped in Bluetooth module. You can implement any interface completely control absolutely any device based on Arduino, ARM, AVR controllers. Do you place controls on the smartphone screen. All controls will be available in your C program of controller as normal variables.

How do I integrate the management of its program controller?

You are downloading the source code module and header file remotexy.cpp remotexy.h. And download the source code for the main part of the program, which implements the example of connecting the module. The header file defines the structure that contains all the variables reflecting interface controls. You have to read the values ​​of the variables of this structure and use them in your applications. Variable structure just reflect the position of the controls on the smartphone.

I need for each new control interface to download mobile app?

No. Mobile app just download once. It will work with all your devices or versions of the interface to a single device. Information about the management interface is included a microcontroller device itself. When communicating device informs the mobile application, how to build an interface to control the device. It is very convenient, with a single mobile application, you can manage any of your device. And the device itself will tell the application what it needs management interface