How it works

RemoteXY is easy way to make and use a mobile graphical user interface for controller boards to control via smartphone or tablet. The system includes:

  • Editor of mobile graphical interfaces for controller boards, located on the site
  • Mobile app RemoteXY that allows to connect to the controller and control it via graphical interface. Download app.

Distinctive features:

  • The interface structure is stored in the controller. When connected, there is no interaction with servers to download the interface. The interface structure is downloaded to the mobile application from the controller.
  • One mobile application can manage all your devices. The number of devices is not limited.

Connection between the controller and the mobile device using:

  • Bluetooth;
  • WiFi client and access point;
  • Ethernet by IP or URL;
  • Internet from anywhere through the cloud server.
  • USB (Android only that support USB OTG);

The source code generator have support next controllers:

  • Arduino UNO, Arduino MEGA, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Pro Mini, Arduino Nano, Arduino MICRO;
  • WeMos D1, WeMos D1 R2, WeMos D1 mini, NodeMCU V2, NodeMCU V3 and other controllers based on ESP8266 core;
  • Controllers based on ESP32 core;
  • The AirBoard;
  • ChipKIT UNO32, ChipKIT uC32, ChipKIT Max32;

Supported communication modules:

  • Bluetooth HC-05, HC-06 or compatible;
  • WiFi ESP8266;
  • Ethernet Shield W5100;

Supported IDE:

  • Arduino IDE;
  • FLProg IDE;
  • MPIDE;

Supported mobile OS:

  • Android;
  • iOS;

RemoteXY is easy way to make a unique graphical interface to control microcontroller device via mobile application, Arduino for example.

RemoteXY allows:

  • To develop any graphical management interface, using the control, display and decoration elements any combination thereof. You can develop the graphical interface for any task, placing the elements on the screen using the online editor. Online editor posted on the website
  • After the development of the graphical interface, you get the source code for the microcontroller that implements your interface. The source code provides a structure for interaction between your program with the controls and display. Thus you can easily integrate the control system into your task for which you are developing the device.
  • To manage microcontroller device using your smartphone or tablet with the graphical interface. For manage used mobile application RemoteXY.
  • Using one mobile application, you can manage a large number of devices with different graphical management interfaces. As the interface description is stored on board the microcontroller device.