Install library for Arduino IDE

Library RemoteXY implements the communication between Arduino and Android smartphone or tablet. The library supports all available communication options. To initialize the library with the specified interface, you must use interfaces editor on this site. Interfaces editor allows you to generate the source code of the sketch, which also includes the initialization code library for the developed interface. You need to copy this code into your sketch, in order to work with the library.

Download the library RemoteXY by link.The link will download a ZIP archive of the library of the latest version.

To install the library in the Arduino IDE, you must go to menu " Sketch/Import library.../Add library.... In the open file window, select the file, select the downloaded ZIP archive library RemoteXY.

After you have installed the library, you can check, how it works. For this you will need to open one of the examples, compile it, and upload it to the Arduino. In order to open the example, select File/Examples/RemoteXY/ and then one of the examples.

The example provides the simple interface. Based on the example you can start creating your sketch to your task.

If the installation appeared error such as "Library already installed", then you must first manually delete the folder with the previous version of the library. In Windows OS, libraries are saved under the My documents/Arduino/libraries.