Orientation of screen graphical interface

RemoteXY supports setting the orientation of the graphical interface screen to the mobile application. Established the horizontal orientation of the screen by default.

You can select one of three modes of orientation:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Both (horizontal and vertical)

Mode determines the behavior of the interface in a mobile application. If set to the horizontal or vertical orientation mode, the mobile app screen firmly accept this orientation. If set to "Both", the mobile app will change the orientation depending on the sensor, as it is in this phone or tablet.

Orientation mode for the current project can be selected in "View" settings of the properties panel.

If selected the "Both" orientation mode then the change orientation buttons will be available on the main screen. In this case, you must create an interface for both orientations.

Composition of GUI elements, the properties of the elements for each orientation of the screen is always the same. Every element is necessarily present in the vertical and horizontal orientation. If added the element then it automatically will be added to both screen orientations. Deleting an element removes it from both screen orientations. This allows to reach uniformity how to use the elements in the source code of the microcontroller. You do not have to wonder which screen orientation has a mobile application screen at a given time.

If you select the "Both" orientation mode you have to specify the size and position of all elements of the graphical user interface for each orientation. This means that elements can be placed in different ways for each orientation, as it will be more convenient for using for current screen orientation.