New feature connection over ESP8266 Wi-Fi access point

March 26, 2016

Added a new feature that allows you to control a remote device via Wi-Fi. Primarily added supports ESP8266 module in access point mode . Your smartphone or tablet can connect to an access point directly.

Connecting to Wi-Fi access point is supported by a mobile app version 3.3.1 or more.

To support the new features updated RemoteXY library for Arduino. New library version 2.1.0 available for download by link.

The library has a hightly modernization, making the work even better. RemotrXY compiled sketches even less, communication speed even higher. The new library is implementing an updated communication protocol, which is supported by a mobile application version 3.3.1 or more.

Using ESP8266 as Wi-Fi access points will increase the communication range compared to the Bluetooth module. Access point mode as well as Bluetooth does not depend on the network infrastructure or the Internet, and allows connect device and smartphone directly.

How to connect the ESP8266 to Arduino can be found in the documentation section by link.