RemoteXY librarys download page

Library provide the functionality of RemoteXY for use in Arduino IDE sketches. To install the library in Arduino IDE, you can use one of the following methods:

1. Use the Library Manager. Open the IDE and click to the Sketch menu and then Include Library > Manage Libraries. Use the search by the keyword RemoteXY, find the library and click install.

2. Download ZIP file by link from the table below. Do not unzip the downloaded library, leave it as is. In the Arduino IDE, navigate to Sketch > Include Library. At the top of the drop down list, select the option to Add .ZIP Library. Navigate to the .zip file's location and open it.

3. Download ZIP file by link from the table below. Expand it and put in the Library directory of sketchbook folder. See location of your sketchbook folder at File > Preferences > Sketchbook location.

You can refer to detailed instructions to install the library in Arduino IDE by link

You can load the library from GitHub by link

Version Target device/platform
3.1.6 (31.05.2021) Download
3.1.5 Beta (29.03.2021)Not available
3.1.3 Beta (17.02.2021)Not available
3.1.1 Beta (12.02.2021)Not available
2.4.6 (02.06.2020) Download
2.4.5 (31.05.2020)Not available
2.4.4 (09.03.2020)Not available
2.4.3 (14.11.2019)Not available
2.4.2 (05.11.2019)Not available
2.4.1 (03.11.2019)Not available
2.3.5 (30.10.2018)Not available
2.3.4 (15.12.2017)Not available
2.3.3 (29.11.2017)Not available
2.3.2 (07.09.2017)Not available
2.3.1 (23.03.2017)Not available
2.2.5 (29.09.2016)Not available
2.2.4 (17.09.2016)Not available
2.2.3 (14.07.2016)Not available
2.2.2 (03.05.2016)Not available
2.2.1 (02.05.2016)Not available
2.1.3 (02.04.2016)Not available
2.1.1 (31.03.2016)Not available
2.1.0 (26.03.2016)Not available
1.1.0 (19.03.2015)Not available
1.0.4 (22.12.2014)Not available
1.0.2 (10.12.2014)Not available
1.0.1 (01.12.2014)Not available