RemoteXY librarys download page

Library RemoteXY for remote control of microcontroller device from a smartphone or tablet. Use this library in conjunction with a mobile app that you can download from the link:

Use this online service RemoteXY for development original control interface.

In the table below, select your platform and download last version the source code library.

Version Target device/platform
3.1.5 Beta (29.03.2021) Download
3.1.3 Beta (17.02.2021)Not available
3.1.1 Beta (12.02.2021)Not available
2.4.6 (02.06.2020) Download
2.4.5 (31.05.2020) Download
2.4.4 (09.03.2020) Download
2.4.3 (14.11.2019)Not available
2.4.2 (05.11.2019)Not available
2.4.1 (03.11.2019)Not available
2.3.5 (30.10.2018) Download
2.3.4 (15.12.2017)Not available
2.3.3 (29.11.2017)Not available
2.3.2 (07.09.2017)Not available
2.3.1 (23.03.2017)Not available
2.2.5 (29.09.2016)Not available
2.2.4 (17.09.2016)Not available
2.2.3 (14.07.2016)Not available
2.2.2 (03.05.2016)Not available
2.2.1 (02.05.2016)Not available
2.1.3 (02.04.2016)Not available
2.1.1 (31.03.2016)Not available
2.1.0 (26.03.2016)Not available
1.1.0 (19.03.2015)Not available
1.0.4 (22.12.2014)Not available
1.0.2 (10.12.2014)Not available
1.0.1 (01.12.2014)Not available

Use the tutorial for installing the library, that would be correct to install the library.