Examples of Arduino projects

First project. Flashing LED Arduino by clicking on the smartphone Learning to program microcontrollers always starts with a very simple example "Hello world" - LED blinked. The study of this online-service also offer to start with a very simple example - we just blinked LED. However, we will blink them remotely by pressing a button on the screen of our smartphone.
Manage the Arduino-robot using the G-sensor on your smartphone In this article you will learn how to use this service RemoteXY very easy to set up a remote control robot platform or two motors car. The robot we will manage with the control element "joystick" that can work with G-sensor of your smartphone.
Connect servo and operate with smartphone In this article you will learn how to use this service RemoteXY very easy to control servos. We servo controlled with a visual control "slider". By moving the slider on the screen of smartphone/tablet, you can control servo.
Smartphone controlled сardboard robot In this article, we'll build a cardboard robot on three servo controlled by Arduino. The robot will move his hands and turn his head. To develop the control will use the service RemoteXY, which enables you to control robot with a smartphone via Bluetooth.
Temperature sensor output values on smartphone Article will talk about the project of temperature sensor, value of temperature will be transmitted on smartphone via Bluetooth and displayed on its screen. Such a temperature sensor can be placed in an inaccessible location, such as behind the window, in the refrigerator.
Smart power socket control from your smartphone via Bluetooth Article about the project controlled smart power socket from your smartphone via Bluetooth. Two power sockets, separately controlled from a smartphone, placed on a single platform with all the necessary electronics. You will be able to remotely turn on and off electrical devices.
Show temperature and humidity from DTH11 to smartphone over Net This example will show how easily display the values of temperature and humidity from DTH11 sensor to smartphone or tablet use the service RemoteXY. As a communication module used Ethernet W5100 shield for Arduino.