New feature Ethernet local Net connection

April 3, 2016

Added a new feature that allows you to control a remote device via the network. Support of Ethernet W5100 shield and ESP8266 module in client mode connect to the access point. With the correct configuration of the router an opportunity to control the device via Internet.

Ethernet Shield wich W5100 chip allows to make remote control of a microcontroller device on an Ethernet network. Schild is supported by all controllers Arduino. How uses Ethernet shield can be found in the documentation by link.

ESP8266 module makes to connect to an existing Wi-Fi access point, such as a home router. Connecting to the device from your smartphone or tablet will use local network, an IP address provided by the DHCP server to module. How uses and connect the ESP8266 can be found in the documentation by link.

It becomes possible to connect to the device from anywhere in the local network as well as from the Internet. To access the device via the Internet it is necessary that the IP address of the device is accessible from the outside. If you are using a home router, you can get access to your router via a dynamic IP address service. For example DynDNS service or router manufacturer (DLink - In the router must configure the virtual server, which will open the external port and redirects requests to internal IP address and port of device.