RemoteXY joined the AirBoard creative project on Kickstarter

February 4, 2015

RemoteXY joined the AirBoard creative project, which launched the company to obtain financing on KickStarter. Backers of AirBoard company offers a unique Arduino compatible platform for fast development of devices for the "Internet of things", as well as the application RemoteXY PRO for rapid development of control systems for such devices.

AirBoard is a unique project, created by a team from France, managed by Olivier MENARD.

AirBoard is an Arduino-compatible board for fast development of smart devices, focused on creating gadgets for the "Internet of things" ("Internet of Things"). AirBoard possesses unique features that distinguish it from existing Arduino compatible devices. This card has small dimensions: 40 x 25 mm This board has ultra low power consumption, creators promise to three years without battery replacement. This board comes equipped with Bluetooth module 4 - BLE technology, which allows the transfer of data between devices in a mode of low power operation. In addition, for the programming of the device is the Bluetooth module, the sketch can be downloaded remotely.

Creators AirBoard tested the RemoteXY remote control system together with their device, and concluded that this system is perfectly suited to quickly create control device via Android smartphone. In the short time the developers have implemented a few simple control systems and has published a short video.

Now on the page of the project AirBoard posted on Kickstartr, backers involved in the funding of the project, an additional option: the application RemoteXY PRO version together with Bluetooth 2.1. Thus, when users will receive their AirBoard devices, they can immediately begin to create devices with its system remote control from via smartphone or tablet.