Updated RemoteXY library for Arduino IDE

June 4, 2021

We have developed a completely new library for the Arduino IDE that significantly expands the functionality of RemoteXY.

The new RemoteXY library version 3.1.6 adds new features:

1. Input variables from GUI controls are now automatically sent back if you change them on the controller side. This means that you can now change the state of the switch, slider.

2. The library has become client-server. This means that you can connect to the controller from several smartphones at the same time, if it supports the communication method. This works for WiFi, Ethernet, cloud connections.

3. If necessary, you can easily implement the multi-channel connectivity. For example, it is possible to simultaneously use WiFi and Bluetooth in any combination.

4. Added support for nRF51822 based boards using the library.

You can download new library by link https://remotexy.com/en/library/