We have updated graphical interface of mobile app

January 27, 2015

New version 3.0.1 mobile apps for Android we published on Google Play. The application is a desktop. It displays your Arduino device, in the form of buttons. Now to connect to any device with a single touch.

The new interface of the mobile application will make it easy to work with multiple devices. For example, if you use RemoteXY with several devices Arduino, you can now choose the device with one touch of the screen. On the screen every Arduino shows as a separate button. You can choose the color of the button, set the text label on the button. To enter the settings mode, you must keep some time the button pressed.

You can also move the button of the device in any area of the screen of the smartphone. You are 5 screens, two right and two left from the central screen.

The application became available documentation on the use of the service RemoteXY. To view the documentation, click "How it works". Documentation is downloaded from our website.

Click "Examples" you can see the projects posted on our website.

In the application settings you can enable to set the smartphone to automatically turn on Bluetooth when you connect to the device via the button. In this mode, after the connection, Bluetooth also turns off automatically. Your smartphone will not drain the battery if you forget to turn off Bluetooth.

For the first connection to a new Arduino use the Bluetooth button. Its mode of operation has not changed. You will see a list of available Bluetooth devices, select your. Upon successful connection, a new device is added to the main screen as a new button.