The controls are designed to transmit information from smartphone to microcontroller (Arduino). Condition and position of all controls placed on the smartphone screen, several times per second transmitted by a special protocol in the microcontroller. Library microcontroller parses the protocol and records provisions of the controls in the fields of the structure RemoteXY, as several times per second. In order to use these values in your program for the microcontroller, you should read the appropriate field from the structure RemoteXY to determine the status of the corresponding control.

Most of the controls I repeat real electronic components, such as button, switch, switch.

Next on the links you can find more detailed information on how to use each control what functionality it has. As is the example code to use the control in your programm.

Almost every control has several possible ways of display. The display method as well as the color of the element, you can specify in the settings element in the development of the interface.