How get source code of interface

The source code to load it into your microcontroller. The source code implements designed graphical user interface controls. In order to implement the management of your tasks with the developed interface, the source code can be used as a starting template, or it can be integrated into your application code.

In order to obtain the source code of the interface, click the green button "Get source code", which is located on the top right of the editor area. You will be redirected to the page where you can get the generated source code.


The source code is generated for a development environment that has been selected in the settings of the project configuration. For different microcontrollers, development environments, different communication modules will get a different source. You need to download it or copy it. In most cases, to compile the source code will require a library RemoteXY. Link to the download page for the library will also be available.

The source code must be compiled without error. If you are planning to further develop its task on the basis of source code, we recommend to load code to microcontroller and not modifie it, and try that interface is works.