Level is a graphical representation of the analog values ​​of the variable. Information about the current status level is transmitted from the controller to the smartphone. The level can be set from 0..100.


Level displayunsigned char0..100 - level value


  • Variable name - name of the level and the variable in the source code for the microcontroller, allow to set a name for the variable of C rules.
  • Orientation - vertical or horizontal position of the level on the screen.
  • Draw type - one of the options display the level.

Code example

To set the level position, must be write in the appropriate field required value from 0 to 100:

  RemoteXY.level_1 = 50;  // the level indicates the average position

An example that implements the display of the value of the voltage on the analogue input A0 Arduino using the level on the screen of the smartphone/tablet:

  // get the value from the ADC pins A0, which will be 0..1023
  int adc = analogRead(A0);  
  // convert the ADC value to the range of values of the level
  RemoteXY.level_1 = (int)(adc / 10.24);