Editor of graphical interface

Interfaces editor is online development environment, hosted on this site. Editor is designed for develop of graphical user interface and microcontroller source code generation. Interfaces editor share by link


Editor window has three areas, divided by function.

Area of the controls is on the left. All available controls grouped. For navigation you can open and close groups of controls. To place element in the editor box, right-click on the item and without releasing the button to move it in the editor box (drag-and-drop).

Area of the editor box is on the center. The area contains the main editor box as smartphone field. In this area you set elements and make interface. Also, the area contains the control buttons allow you to create a new project, save the project, open the project. Top right is the button that allows you to get the source code of interface for the microcontroller.

To the right is the area of properties and settings. Properties and settings are grouped. For navigation you can open and close the group properties and settings. The settings allow you to define the configuration of the project, set the connection settings of the communication module. The properties allow you to specify view settings and control items settings. Group of control item properties is displayed when the item is selected in the editor.